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I will be adding to this site over the next few months, and shall be interested to have feedback from visitors, wherever you may be, but especially from people who live, work, or frequently visit the area. In the meanwhile, here are some links to other sites that will tell you more about the station, and some references to published sources.

The London Magazine on 'The Battle for Brompton Road' - view scanned image or on magazine site

Time Out Tube map of London's ghost stations - Ghost Stations on the London Underground

Going Underground Blog - underground tour of Brompton Road

Wikipedia page on Brompton Road Station

Article by Dr James Fox about the station's post-closure role as an Anti-Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR); includes many photos of the former station and remains of the AAOR facilities as they looked in the late 1990s

Subterranea Britannica features Brompton Road and London's Anti-Aircraft Defences

London Underground History's page on Brompton Road

Abandoned Stations page on Brompton Road

Ghosts Beneath Our Feet - Mayfair Times article by Christopher Long from 1988

The Underground at War - comprehensive article by Nick Cooper about the use of London Underground stations during World War II

Mike Newland on 'The Haunted Down Street Bunker'

Daily Telegraph report (9th November 2015) on Ajit Chambers' plans for legal action against Transport for London over tender process for Down Street redevelopment

Planning Consultation from Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea: includes call from South Kensington Estates for reopening of Brompton Road station

The Londonist reports on The Old London Underground Company and tours the Brompton Road "ghost station".

Michael Oakes blog: Putting York Road Tube Station Back on the Map

Douglas Rose: London's Underground Edwardian Tile Patterns - includes a virtual tour of the Brompton Road platform!

AP report on London's Underground tunnels, published in Alabama's Times Daily newspape on 16th July 2000 (click here for page two of the article)

Brompton Road station booking office in the 1920s
Brompton Road Station booking office in the 1920s, about five years before closure


Railway World, December 1954, “London”s Abandoned Tube Stations” by R. K. Kirkland

Underground (Journal of the London Underground Railway Society) Vol. 11, no. 7 “Passing Brompton Road” by G. Jasieniecki

The London Railway Record, Vol. 1, no. 13, October 1997, “Recalling Brompton Road” by J. E. Connor, pp. 2 to 14 (4MB PDF file)

The London Railway Record, Vol. 2, no. 14, October 1998, several letters at p. 34 (1MB PDF file)

The London Railway Record, Vol. 2, no. 22, January 2000, letter by P. D. V. Crockford, “Brompton Road station in the 1950s” (1MB PDF file)

The London Railway Record, Vol. 4, no. 41 “A wartime use for Brompton Road” by J. E. Connor(5MB PDF file)

The London Railway Record, Vol. 4, no. 42, several letters at p. 179 (1MB PDF)

[All London Railway Record extracts © Jim Connor, reproduced by permission]

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