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Modern times

Regrettably, the station’s original frontage on the Brompton Road was demolished in early 1972 (together with the former Gladstone pub and a rather fine bank building at the corner of Brompton Square) to make way for the non-descript white fronted building that presently occupies the site, though the side entrance in Cottage Place is almost unaltered.

Gladstone pub near Brompton Road station
Before the Piccadilly line: the “Gladstone” public house in the Brompton Road in the 1880s.
The cottages in the background were demolished and the main entrance to Brompton Road station was
erected on the site where they stand about twenty years after this photograph was taken.

Brompton Road station entrance as seen before 1972
(above and below) Original frontage of Brompton Road station, as still visible until 1972
- the much rebuilt Gladstone P. H. can be seen to the left.

© Jim Connor, reproduced by permission

The side of Brompton Road station
seen in 1972, before alteration of the windows

It was still possible to see the station from passing trains well into the 1950s, but yellow brick walls were later erected to screen the platform area from view (as also happened at Down Street, where more can however be seen from trains even to-day).

The Brompton Road station site today
The Brompton Road station site today

If you look carefully to the right from the window of a train proceeding from Knightsbridge to South Kensington (in either direction, since Brompton Road had island platforms, similar to those at Hyde Park Corner) you can see the brick walls. In my experience, they are more easily observed when travelling west from Knightsbridge to South Kensington than in the opposite direction.

Behind them the station is surprisingly intact, though the platforms have been demolished. Dr James Fox took some fascinating photographs a few years ago. They can be found here.

Brompton Road station entrance, 1925
(c) TfL London Transport Museum

The Brompton Road station site today, with Brompton Oratory in the background
The site of Brompton Road station today, looking towards Brompton Oratory.

Brompton Road - 2011 underground journey
A 2011 platform level view of Brompton Road station


July 2011 underground tour of Brompton Road

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